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What's your eating type?

When it comes to dieting there's no such thing as 'one size fits all' and Shrinkology takes research-backed principles of personality typing to create six distinct 'Shrinkology types'.

If you want to lose weight, and you've struggled with diets in the past, there's every chance you fall into one of the following six categories.  


Take the QUIZ to find out for sure, because knowing your ‘type’ will give you a unique insight into the deep-seated principles subconsciously guiding your behaviour around food - and this discovery holds the key to finding a personalised weight-loss solution that works.


Do you love fine food? 

Gourmets tend to be sociable eaters who love to source the best ingredients relishing every mouthful and sharing their food joy with friends. 


Do you flit from one sparkly new diet plan to another?

Magpies are often fascinated by health and diets and love to research and try all the latest new dietary trends. 


Do you sometimes find comfort  in food?

Soothers tend to be compassionate souls who strive to make everyone happy and who sometimes turn to food (especially carbohydrates) when sad, lonely or bored.


Do you like to stick with what you know?

Traditionals like simple, unfussy foods and classic dishes. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, stick to the rules, and aren't always comfortable with the idea of a change to routines.


Do you take things to extremes?

Rebels tend to be either fully immersed in a diet plan (and hugely successful) or spectacularly off message – it’s all or nothing! 


Are you far too busy to eat properly?

Scramblers have very little time for well-planned nutrition - food is grabbed, grazed, nibbled and snatched in a rush. 


You'll find dozens of type-specific tips and tricks and targeted diet advice in the book!

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