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Do you think you could have Gourmet traits? 

What's the Gourmet like? 


The Gourmet radiates energy and enthusiasm, you have great love for life, a deep interest in others and a curiosity which spans current affairs, politics and history. You relish company and you’re easily bored by routine. But most of all, you really appreciate the finer things in all aspects of your life and it you seize any opportunity to share your passions with others. 


How are you with food?

Gourmets tend to be very sociable eaters who love fine food. You are never more happy than when sourcing the best ingredients, lovingly preparing meals, savouring every mouthful and sharing your food joy with friends. Your love of eating, cooking and entertaining means food is never far from your mind.


So what’s the problem? 

Because the Gourmet fridge is packed with deliciously tempting delights and your cupboards are heaving with enticing and exotic ingredients you probably can't escape a pretty high daily calorie intake. But many true Gourmets can't abide the thought of dieting because to you, deprivation is unthinkable. 



Prune your social diary and aim to make a distinction between ‘special’ meals (go all-out full Gourmet) and ‘everyday food’ (think healthy and hold back little on the double cream) then, before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself: ‘is this delicious AND healthy?’ With the right guidance, you really can combine the two. 

You'll find dozens more Gourmet-specific tips and tricks plus targeted diet advice in the book!

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