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Do you think you could have Magpie traits?

What's the Magpie like?

Magpies love to investigate and experiment with all the latest sparkly new approaches to health, happiness and longevity. Your thirst for information could make you a keen trailblazer in many areas but once a ‘fad’ becomes mainstream you have a tendency to become swiftly bored and set off in search of something shiny and new.  Although many Magpies can be quiet and introspective by nature, you’ve probably got sophisticated interpersonal skills that allow you to happily dip in and out of different social situations, helping others and dispensing advice. 


How are you with food?

Magpies tend to throw themselves into the latest celebrity-endorsed eating regime with gusto, evangelising about it to anyone who will listen. But your enthusiasm rarely lasts very long and the temptation to change tack and try the next exciting regime can be really strong.


So what’s the problem?


Frequently switching diet plans can confuse your body and lead to overeating. Many Magpies can find it tempting to use that encyclopaedic knowledge of diets to bend the rules of one regime to incorporate some of the sparkly bits of another. This can cause nutritional confusion which can leave you vulnerable to super-strong cravings and sometimes even to erratic binge behaviour. You can easily end up creating unnecessary stress about food, over-analysing every mouthful and self-diagnosing food intolerances possibly unnecessarily. 



Trim your Instagram following to cut back on any who advocate overly restrictive food practices. Magpies can be particularly vulnerble to the lure of social media and it's good to discover the fact thatthere’s a whole world out there to be experienced though DOING rather than researching.

You'll find dozens more Magpie-specific tips and tricks and targeted dietary advice in the book!

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