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Do you think you could have Rebel traits?

What's the Rebel like?

You are a risk-taker and party-goer who loves life and dives eagerly into new experiences. You are lively and fun and enjoy being at the centre of a crowd. Rebels tend to take everything to the max, and success and goal-meeting are VERY important to you. If something’s worth doing it’s worth doing REALLY well! But your sense of self-worth can become embedded with performance, and many Rebels have a strong all-or-nothing streak which sees you happily smashing your performance goals one day but having an 'off day' the next and wondering why you feel so low. 


How are you with food?

You might exercise to the point of exhaustion, but then stroll straight into a  bar or coffee shop afterwards and drink double the calories you just burned. You can stick to the toughest, most rigid diet plan – with impressive results – but then blow it all on an impulsive takeaway. 


So what’s the problem?


Your all or nothing approach makes you great at short-term diets but long-term weight maintenance will very often get short shrift. many Rebels end up thinking of themselves as ‘athletic’ which can lead them to picking the largest possible portions or dipping a little too often into seconds or thirds.


Think in terms of switching your thinking from sprint to marathon – health and vitality is a long-term game. Before throwing yourself headlong into any new diet plan, read ahead to the long-term maintenance plan so you can know where you are going and plan for bumps in the road.

You'll find dozens more Rebel-specific tips and tricks and targeted diet advice in the book!

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