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Do you think you could have scrambler traits? 

What's the Scrambler like?

Whether you’re juggling young children, ageing parents, a demanding job, committee work or voluntary positions, you are busy, busy, busy and most of the time you LOVE the challenge of keeping all those plates spinning. You're a great team player, and life would feel dull if every minute wasn’t a multi-tasking challenge, but you do sometimes struggle to find time for work, relationships, friends and parents, or   to fit any 'me' time between long hours at the desk and 24/7 email connectivity.


How are you with food?

Scramblers have very little time to think about food – you’re more likely to prop yourself up with coffee and adrenalin, skip meals and mindlessly grab snacks to keep you going throughout the day, then end up relying on convenience food, ready meals and takeaways. 


So what’s the problem?


If much of your food is grabbed, grazed, nibbled and snatched the calories can soon add up without you realising (or ever feeling satisfied). Stress is very likely to be affecting your digestion and metabolism which can lead to unwelcome weight gain and may Scramblers rely heavily on ‘wind down wine’ and calorific blow-outs when they do finally stop at the end of the day.   



You are likely to be the beating heart of your family or firm so you can't expect your poor body and brain to function optimally without quality fuel into the tank. Think in terms of the in-flight oxygen mask analogy (secure your own emergency oxygen supply before helping others) and take steps to push your health and nutrition up the priority list. 

You'll find dozens more Scrambler-specific tips and tricks and targeted diet advice in the book!

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