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Do you think you could have Soother traits?

What's the Soother like?

You are a brilliant friend and a popular, loving, sociable type who cares deeply about your family, colleagues and friends. You take a genuine interest in others and spend quite a bit of your time and energy observing their likes and dislikes. Secretly you might actually be quite shy inside, and you're a sensitive sort who tends to soak up other people’s pain and heartache. 


How are you with food?

Soother's LOVE food. Sometimes it can feel as if eating puts you in a kind of trance and your list of favourite foods will probably include pasta and risotto, mashed potatoes, chips and buttered toast. Many Soothers are self-confessed chocaholics and when you feeling down you're the sort to find real comfort in puddings and desserts.


So what’s the problem?


Soothers can end up having a highly complex relationship with food – for you, breakfast, lunch or dinner signify much more than fuel or sustenance. You are likely to be more vulnerable than most to a powerful psychological and physiological dependence on carbohydrates and sugar, making you more inclined than most to eat in response to stress or anxiety, depression, loneliness, or sadness, anger and frustration. 



Make a point of eating more slowly. Halve the pace. Pause before picking up your knife and fork, and make a point of actually putting them down between mouthfuls.

You'll find dozens more Soother-specific tips and tricks and targeted diet advice in the book!

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