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Do you think you could have Traditional traits?

What’s the Traditional like?

The true Traditional is dependable, reliable, stable and safe – perhaps a little cautious at times – but you are friendly, popular and the absolute bedrock of your family or social circle. You are the sort who loves to honour traditions, and you hold your core values very dear – which makes you a loyal and trusted friend and partner as well as a great leader. You know what you like and what you don’t like and you are usually happy to leave the risk-taking to others. Your friendships and relationships might take longer to build, but once established they are almost impossible to break. 


How are you with food?

You know what you like to eat, and you tend to stick with familiar foods and the meals you’ve always enjoyed, throwing a few diet foods into the mix when you're feeling heavy. You were probably brought up to eat whatever is put in front of you regardless of whether you like it, or whether you’re hungry or full. 


So what’s the problem?


Clearing your plate at every meal could have left you with an unresponsive ‘stop’ mechanism which means you sometimes eat more than your body really needs. You might also find yourself frustrated and confused by ever-changing dietary dogma (‘so, is butter good for me or bad?’) and the fact that the old dietary rules and portions sizes no longer serve to keep you slim. 




Aim to be a little more adventurous with your food: eat the rainbow (or the alphabet) and aim to experiment with unfamiliar new foods – one new item of fruit or vegetable every week.

You'll find dozens more Traditional-specific tips and tricks and targeted diet advice in the book!

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